Apply extended properties to multiple inventory items without leaving

It would be really useful to be able to apply an extended property, or any attribute, like price, tax rate, etc to multiple inventory items simultaneously.

I know this is already acheivable with data imports, but it is slow and cumbersome. Sometimes i just want to apply a few new extended properties to 3 or 4 inventory items and going through the full motions of creating a spreadsheet, importing it, mapping the fields, all for a few products is quite gruelling.

I'm imagining a feature that allows you to select multiple inventory items and open a sort of edit box for all of them, that only allowed editing in appropriate fields.(i.e fields that are not product specific, like barcode).

A good example of this being done well is editing multiple songs simultaneously in an iTunes library...

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Hi Charles,
we like the idea and can see the potential benefit of implementing this kind of functionality, however at the moment due to current workloads and development commitments this feature has not made it into the development cycle.

We will leave the suggestion here so that it is not forgotten and where it can attract more votes.

With regards to Data Import being a grueling task I would like to suggest the following route for you.
1. Define a standard template in Excel that works for your products
2. Set up a Scheduled import using Drop box, just don't add a schedule
3. When required, save a copy of the template as a csv in the Drop Box with the updates, etc
4. Run the Import

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd

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