option to auto accept amazon error where original seller may have used a different sku

With the linnwork.net development it would be great if the following feature could be built into the listing tool.

When a seller already sells a product on amazon rather than link to the product we want to populate all the info that is populated when a listing is created.

The main reason is when a listing has a poor descriptions or incorrect information (which is quite common with our product type) by passing all our info up to amazon we can claim the listing if the quality of our information is better or more accurate.

Currently when we try to create a listing that already exists on amazon we may try to create the listing under a different sku to what the original listing was created under, when this happens we get a nice error message that tells us what the correct value should be for the sku, rather than having to cut and copy the value to the sku individually could a button be built in next to the “ok” button on an error message of this type which the function of accepting all amazon suggestions (like colour map, skus, model number, model name) the button should apply to all children if they are in a variation group.

Amazon wont accept anything other than the specific values linnworks reports in the error, so it would be much quicker if you could accept the suggestions which would trigger the listing creation. From our point of view even if the amazon data is ok we would still like to list our inventory data (as much that matches) in case a seller alters the asin description or product when they sellout to stop other sellers from selling it. Although this can be dealt with by contacting amazon again by having all our info in there it would be alot quicker to correct the issue.

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