total lifetime sales of a Parent SKU in Inventory View

Currently we can run Stock Movement reports to see the sales of a child sku between defined dates.

However, I feel it would be quite useful to be able to see in the inventory view the overall historical performance of a Variation Parent sku in terms of total units sold, or broken down by channel for comparison. Eg, for ParentSKU Dummy1; Available Stock 50; Total Sales: 1000; eBay Sales: 600; Amazon Sales:400.

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As this topic is over 5 years old, I wondered if anything has changed. Would love to run a report showing items sold between dates by variation group. 

Ian, the closest I could find for that is the 'Query Data' report called: "Composite Parent Sales History", you can't do a date range exactly but you can do the last x days to show a list of composition parents that have sold and how many sold. No channel info though.

I think this could be done through a custom query.

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