Royal Mail 2D Barcodes with Integrated Shipping label

We currently use an integrated shipping label (A4 and Label Size: 110mm wide x 80mm deep and Label Position: 25mm from foot, and 10mm from right) for all orders.

The size isn't important but the concept.

Where items are going via Royal Mail we have integrated a PPI image/impression to use our RM OBA account for its Packet Post service and currently prepare a an OBA docket manually (due to the issues we have seen others have with manifest submission).

We would love to be able to use the RM Tracked services with the new 2D barcodes but as your documentation advises "Orders printed using the Royal Mail Tracked Shipping Integration produce a standard Royal Mail 6 by 4 inch label".

We cannot adopt this as it would necessitate printing invoices and separate labels which would need to be sorted and matched up in our warehouse.

Royal Mail are happy to accommodate and approve alternate label sizes and designs and therefore the suggestion is to be able to incorporate the Royal Mail 2D barcodes for tracking services into an integrated invoice and label.

This saves printing separate labels and invoices and provides much needed flexibility & functionality.

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Hi Paul,

Did you ever resolve the 2d barcode on integrated label issue? We are currently facing the same problem.

We have the same issue. Does anyone know of any progress in this area?

We use these labels for all our shipping carriers -

You can even squeeze a CN22 label on the bottom of it for your international orders.   

We currently use both OBA and Tracked services using UP labels from Priory Direct:

6x4 label at the bottom of the page fits 2D barcodes on for both OBA and Tracked services.

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