Require a Barcode Scan for Individual Orders

Using Despatch Console we would like to be able to proceed to processing for just one order of the same product (if multiple orders for the same product have been received.

At the moment the situation as you will all know is;

Scan product barcode - proceed to processing - Print Label - Process order and repeat.

This work really well for us when processing mutiple orders for different products.But, not when we have sold a number of the same item. In this case the below happens

Scan Product 1 barcode - Proceed to processing - Print label - Process order - stays in processing screen and doesnt require a scan for the next order.

This is causing problems as if the screen freezes and process gets clicked more than once it then processes multiple orders that have not had labels printed and been packed.

Also, if we do a picklist and then more orders of the same product come in before we start processing. We end up with the process screen open for orders that have not been picked.

Incorrect items can be packed and processed as no scan is required

In short, an option in dispatch console to "Proceed to Processing of the oldest order after scanning" would be great. Rather than the current "Proceed to Processing after scanning" taking you to all orders for that barcode.

I hope this makes sense and can be implemented as it has lead to a number of errors in our warehouse since we asdopted barcode scanning.

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