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Increase cost price to 5 decimal places

For several products we I buy a carton of up to 50,000 small items for around £39.50 for example.

We sell them individually and in larger quantity packs, so need to track the cost price of individual items, and setup composites to sell multiple quantity packs where the cost price is tracked correctly.

In this example, the cost price of 1 item is £0.00079.

Even our most popular combination, a pack of 100 costs 7.9p, £0.079, which cannot be tracked in Linnworks.

The cost price field in Linnworks only allows down to £0.01.

Please update the decimal places for cost prices to 5 decimal places, so all combinations from 1 to 50,000 can be accurately tracked.

Thank you

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I too have a similar problem with composites products.

Let's say I can only buy bolts by the thousand from my supplier, but sell in 10s/100s on eBay/amazon. I can not use decimal points to specify the quantity

Internally the stock value is recorded to the accuracy that you require, therefore the data you are looking for is available to be exported through a custom report in Dashboard > Query Data

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd
This does not help when we need to buy more of a product and the price for a single item is less than 1p but we buy tens of thousands. An alternative which would work for us nicely is to have another field which says how many the price is for so we can say the cost price is per 1,000. That is how our supplier quotes their prices as a price per thousand.

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