flag up potential orders that are eligible for merging

Make it easy to see when orders are eligible for merging. Typically We might have 300 orders on a Monday morning and upto 8 customers who have made multiple separate orders. Its a great feature to be able to merge the orders it's not easy to spot them. When we used channel grabber it used to flag up orders that were eligible for merging at the top of the page based on a last name and postcode match, we could then decide whether to merge them or not. We think this would be a great feature to add making Linnworks virtually faultless against the competition!

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Linnworks allows for this in a slightly different way to the method that you are describing.
The functionality has not yet been ported to Linnworks.net, so I will explain how merging can be automated in Linnworks desktop for now.

Order Book > Open Orders
Right Click > Configuration > Order Automation
Add New > Type > Merge
By default the option will be enabled

On every subsequent Linnworks desktop synchronisation the system will automatically merge orders that are safe to merge

For orders to Auto merge the following criteria must be met

Must be in open orders
Must be from the same Source and Subsource
Must have a status of Paid
Must have the same currency
Must have the same shipping service
Must have the same name
Must have the same address including Postcode

Neither order can be on hold
Neither order can be parked
Neither order can have an invoice already printed
Neither order can have a shipping label already printed
Neither order can have previously been split, either manually or automatically

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd
Thank you for your reply, Ive got to be honest, I dont fully understand your solution and would welcome futher clarification over the phone. I still think that the Merge facility needs work in Linnworks, We have lots of repeat customers and customers who place more than one order with us at a time... sometimes for reasons we do not understand they also buy from. This morning we had 4 customers that needed orders merging and the only way that we could do this was by sorting the open orders into alphabetical order and then looking down the lengthy list of customers for duplicate names. This identified the four customers that needed merging. Out of the four, 2 merged no problem, one would not merge because the customer placed one order on Amazon and the other on Ebay??? In reality we still want to merge this and send both items together. The other one would not merge because for some unknown reason to us the customer has one going to his home address and one going to an argos store. After calling the customer he said its fine to deliver both to his home address so how do we now merge this? ok some might say just do it manually and put both invoices in one package and that is fine but its the daily looking for duplicate names in a list of upto 200 orders thats the big issue and all we are saying is it would be nice for the possible merges or duplicates to be flagged up in some way. When we used to use CGrabber (pants as it was) every morning we used to have in bright red a list of all of the customers that were potential merges, we then had the option on each one off the list to click a link to check out the orders and a simple click to merge them if we deemed that this was what we wanted to do.
We are switching over from Aimco Packing Partner which only costs around £150/year for the full Gold package which automatically merges orders and surprised to see Linnworks.Net doesn't. We get several orders per day on eBay that are from the same customer and sometimes there are other orders in between, so they are not immediately obvious to see. When is this functionality coming to Linnworks.Net? Surely we shouldn't be having to run Linnworks Desktop still to check the orders? Linnworks.Net'S selling point is that we can login from anywhere but we can't if we have to use the Desktop version to sort out these orders. Thanks

Also surprised this functionality isn't available in .net. Looking at moving from Channelgrabber which does this really well. Can't find any workable solution on Linnworks.net.

Also running Desktop in the background to merge orders is still not sufficient as it allows the rules engine to run and allocate shipping providers before they are merged, and as such it will not consider merging orders allocated to different shipping providers. I want to merge the orders then determine appropriate shipping providers, for example 1 large letter and 1 small parcel both by Royal Mail can often be combined into 1 small parcel also by Royal Mail and possibly at the same cost, meaning we wouldn't need to pay to pack or ship a large letter. The way Linnworks is working at present completely ignores this scenario. It means I have to visually try and identify orders to be sent to the same address and manually merge them. As noted before even the cheapest of order management software does this better.

I agree with Nick, the desktop solution will not work as rules engine will get in the way.

This would be a great feature indeed, is there any update on whether we can get a version of this on .NET?

adding support for the need for this feature, I'd like to at least merging possibilities highlighted in some way

Can't see why this would be so hard? The reply from Mark Aldous has so many 'must have's' - surely it would be easy to say is it 'open' are there any other open orders for the same customer/address/postcode and highlight them.

Let us choose the other options, it's very easy to decide to post something together rather than Linnworks locking us out because it's decided for us.

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