inventory filters on .net are not as good as desktop

You need to open a popup to add each and every filter. This was easy in desktop - just hit the + sign and a new line would appear. You could choose the field to filter from a drop down on the line. much simpler. in some areas makes jobs that were simple and fast in desktop a real PITA. Also we NEED to be extended properties filters again like we did have already on desktop.

I can't understand why at the minimum when implementing lw. net ( and I like why at the very minimum functionality was on par with rather than significantly more cumbersome.

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The concept behind Filters in was to work in conjunction with the Views so that users can set up multiple tabs across the top that provide quick access to the most common set of data that they require; such as New Orders, Expedited Orders, etc.

I agree that the tree structure in desktop provided very quick access to be able to turn on/off certain filters, but it does not have the power that the Filters can provide. the tress structure is something that we have considered trying to introduce into, but as yet have not been able to come up with a suitable realistic method to implement it.

For your ref we have just released Extended Properties search and Filtering for My Inventory.

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd

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