Problems with Amazon Integration!!!


I had a severe issue with amazon integration.

Actually I am transferring to LW and partially have switched on it, I processed few orders with integrated couriers and few manually through channel on amazon.

Orders which I processed manually on channel was get accumulated in LW> Open Orders. In last 7 days I started to remove them from Open Orders to Processed by Batch Process option with default courier ( Default courier is actually nothing: mean I didn't integrate it with anyone ) And today I shocked by knowing that this Default Courier also sending dispatch notifications to amazon, which overwrite my actual dispatch date and service with ( standard ) on amazon and because it was old orders so amazon desreased my performance very badly.

Is there any way to revert it ???

And Do I have any option to remove orders from Open Orders without any bad effect ???

and Anyone's suggestions for me to be aware ???

and most important : I am a newbie to LW so please advise me about possible problems which may occur.

Thanks in advance

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From you question it look like that you are not using linnworks to print and process your orders at the moment? or may be u are using some other software and you are working to get used to linnworks...??

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