'Hold' Amazon MCF stock for manual processing

When submitting orders from other sales channels, Amazon's 'Multi-Channel Fulfilment' form provides sellers the option to 'Hold this inventory for up to two weeks'

Linnworks could have the option to 'hold' ordered FBA stock to prevent overselling (entering customer data for the hold order), but allow manual order processing in the same way as with other sales channels.

This way the user could view the order awaiting fulfilment, manually submit the dispatch order to Amazon, or choose to fulfil the order from another warehouse.

This would be useful for orders where self-fulfilment is more economical / preferred due to stock levels, or where the customer has entered their address poorly.

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We would also love to have this feature.  EXCELLENT idea and would give more control of inventory, resulting in happier customers and improved metrics on channels such as eBay.

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