Oh dear, yet another 9new) FBA Order retrieval problem!

Following on from LW pulling in the wrong order item totals (for multiple quantity order items), it's now pulling in the wrong Item quantities!

We've had two orders today, where Linnworks has captured the wrong quantity.

LW Order ID 152701 shows an erroneous quantity of 3 ordered, Amazon Order ID 206-4189445-5049114 shows a (true) quantity of 4

Or, if you want another....

LW Order ID 152677 shows an erroneous item quantity of 9 ordered, Amazon Order ID 206-4189445-5049114 shows a (true) quantity of 10

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We routinely see this if the Amazon order is despatched in more than one shipment - haven't spotted it yet otherwise - but I'm running out of time and patience to have to check everything in Linnworks!

Actually, I've just delved deeper & indeed that is what has happened. Amazon have 'shipped' a quantity of 3pcs & another of 1pc...BUT at the same time, from the same Fulfilment centre...with the same tracking number (therefore in the same package!). 

So it looks like Linnworks only 'trapped' the 3pcs & not the other 1pc sent separately (i.e. 'separately' from from a 'dispatched' perspective *but* in the same package).

Re checking Linnworks for Amazon FBA order discrepancies...I hear you - I have about 4 checks in place (I use MS access to spot such discrepancies, because if I don't spot them when they happen in Linnworks, it makes reconciling Amazon disbursements that much trickier every two weeks! (plus I auto email customer invoices...& if the Linnworks data is wrong, I look bad in customers' eyes.)

Just discovered an example where a split shipment wasn't to blame - Linnworks order shows a single unit, the FBA order on Amazon is for 2 units!

It's probably that Amazon haven't processed the two items as two rows of Quantity=1 ...(i.e. same shipmentpackage, same tracking number everything...but just two rows of 1pc     vs. 1 row of 2pcs. (it's when they do this that I think is when LW fails ....as I explained in my preceding post) 

You can check this by downloading the fulfiment report in your seller central.... 

Reports - Fulfilment By Amazon ......download the report called Amazon Fulfilled Shipments    ....open it up & see if Amazon have split the shipment of two across two row entries for that Order ID? 

Thanks Rob - you are right. Two identical rows of 1 item rather than one row with 2 items. Let's hope that the team at Linnworks can address this.


Thanks for raising these issues. I can confirm that we currently have improvements planned for the FBA synchronisation so that it can account for some of the changes Amazon have made. As you've noticed, at the moment there are some problems, in particular where shipments are split or contain multiple items.

Currently this is expected to be include in a general re-write of the FBA functionality, which is not expected to be released until the new year. Until that time, using the Amazon FBA reports directly instead is recommended.

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