Prices on actual Ebay listings different to the listings in Linnlive

I create and manage my Ebay listings through Linnlive.  The prices are correct in Linnlive but on some of the actual listings on Ebay the prices are different.  Why don't the prices match?

Hi John,

Have you used Channel Pricing on Item Descriptions in the inventory?

Linnworks does have the option to update prices by simply editing this field in the item on Linnworks, if this isn't the case, it would be worth giving the LW guys some examples and they may be able to see why :)

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I've recently found that when LL relists a SKU (i.e. when restocked) it can pick the incorrect price to use. In our case it picked a euro price and used that for the UK listings. My guess is that this happened in an update around 13 October as we've never had this happen before.

I've raised a ticket, and am hoping they'll accept it is an issue and resolve it...

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