Can't file Royal Mail shipping manifest

Is anyone else having problems filing a Royal Mail shipping manifest today?

The errors seem to indicate that Linnworks and Royal Mails system are unable to communicate.  I can log in to OBA ok but no orders are being produced.


Royal Mail are currently having an issue on their end. If you are unable to file manifest via Linnworks please try to submit it here instead:



Thanks Deniss.

Wow, that webpage is far better than the silly spreadsheet that never worked!

How do I clear the orders from the Linnworks shipping manifest before we start processing again tomorrow?  Is it just a case of deleting them one by one?

I would just wait till it is back up and running. No point faffing around with deleting etc. Driver doesn't need the manifest, just tell him/her there's problems filing and to get it tomorrow.

We can clear the manifest on your behalf, please raise the ticket in our support section and one of our shipping specialists will be able to process this for you.



I'm having the same problem, I have now used the OBA Emergency form.  Do I have to still file the manifest on Linnworks when it's back online?

Imran - driver had already collected and gone long before I raised this ticket.  I was more concerned about filing it and getting rid of the orders before the next lot start getting mixed up with the old lot.

Deniss - there are not that many for us today, am I ok to delete them manually?

Debbie - don't file it on Linnworks as will or you will get charged twice.

Same here I had to log into OBA and file the manifest the good old fashioned way as my collection was 10 minutes away. what do i do with linnworks manifest?

You can clear the manifest manually however please note that by doing so Linnworks will also erase tracking/delivery confirmation unless order has been processed.



All todays orders have been processed already so I'll go ahead and delete them in the manifest.

Many thanks

so is it actually working again now? don't want to try it for obvious reasons but just wondering about tomorrow?

still not working

No not working for us either, just tried it again, will try again later, our postman just signs the manifest doesn't need the other sheet to collect so as long as it's fixed before we need to ship tomorrow morning so I can clear today's shipments.



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