Amazon FBA - LW has no Amazon Order ID for 50% of Amazon FBA orders!

This has only just started happening (first noticed about 5 days ago)...LW only has Amazon Order ID info for 50% of Amazon FBA orders.

Previously, I may have seen a missing Amazon Order ID for say one order per week....but now out of the typical 80 orders I get per day, about 40 of them have no Amazon Order ID on Linnworks ...this means I have to manually look up the order on Amazon seller central to glean the info (using the Amazon customer email address - which LW does have for each order) & add then add the Order ID manually in Access (after exporting the order from Linnworks)'s very time consuming. clearly something has broke very badly with Linnworks & Amazon's API for FBA orders.

 to clarify...I pull the Amazon Order ID from the LW ExternalReference looks like something has happened last week, where this sin;t being populated for Amazon orders? I see that the Amazon order ID is present on LW for the Channel Reference field, but I now need to work out how to export that particular field fron Linnworks via SCL, I raised a thread on the scripting forum here.... it seems if I can solve the above then I'll have amazon order Ids being exported from Linnworks again :-)


We are aware of this problem and will introduce a fix as part of Amazon FBA sync rewrite which will be released soon. For now please export reference numbers from Order.ReferenceNum column.



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