FBA Order download

Are FBA orders only downloaded once they are complete?  Seems to be the case with our orders since Friday.

Hello there,

There has been a change in the way Amazon FBA orders sync works due to some orders being missed before. Previously you had Amazon FBA orders downloaded without any info on them(everything was populated with "unknown"). Now FBA orders will not be downloaded while they are open, however they will be pulled in once they are Dispatched by Amazon. 

Cool - all is clear now :)

It would be nice to be told, there is space available that would be perfect to communicate with your customer, on the log in screen, instead of wasting time trying to figure out what is going wrong.


Just a heads up for anyone - FBA orders that are split-shipped by Amazon (i.e. 'a portion of your order has shipped') are not always correctly reflected in the corresponding Linnworks order - items may be missing, even though they have been despatched - beware!

About to put ticket in.

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