No one from Linnworks responding

I am extremely disappointed after linnworks announced 24 x 7 support. I can't believe, after annoucement of 24 x 7 their support became worst than before and I am wondering what for they asking for increased payment after having worst of the worst customer support.

All our thousands of ebay listings were ended in ebay but Linnlive kept showing them as LISTED. When I asked customer support, They said, after days that they identified the issue and changed the status of all those listings and made them to relist automatically.

I checked again and again for days nothing happened and I kept sending emails and different people reply and say the issue is resolved already. One guy said, he checked the status and it is fine now. One guy said, my coleague already resolved your problem. 

I can't believe. It is now 3 weeks. We lost thousands of our ebay listings. All our ebay business gone in drain and they not responding. No one responding. 3 weeks in row and no one even checking the ticket. 

24 x 7 support with increase of our monthly cost.



Hi Sunny,

We are really sorry you feel this way and we are sorry for the delay here.

Please be rest assured there is never an intention to ignore any ticket.

We haven't received any similar complaints thus there might be something specifically related to your account and this is what we are trying to pinpoint.

We've provided you with the feedback last week and will continue the communication in the original ticket.

The recent announcement of 24/7 support is much welcomed, im not particularly concerned at the recent price hike as its all relative, however I am not prepared to py more money each month for any less of a service.

I currently have a ticket open #1111381 that after 2 days and 1 hour has not been answered. On the old pricing plan i could swallow this, but when our monthly spend is to double, i cannot accept such poor customer service.

I have been an avid Linnworks user with various companies over the past 5 years, its a great tool and i always recommend it at corporate events etc, however as of late i feel Linnworks has taken its foot off the pedal and we as paying users are suffering the consequences. If Linnworks does not improve its customer service skills, i like many others ill be forced to consider other packages, lets face it, theres plenty out there which will now give Linnworks a run for its money.

Hello Gemma,

Sorry to hear about these concerns and the delay in our coming back to you on your ticket. I've just replied to your case with some further information. It looks like the problem you encountered was an oversight as part of a recent update which we'll be looking to rectify.

If there's anything further I may be able to do to assist please do let me know, and we'll continue communicating in that ticket as we investigate further.

Same here. Ticket response times have gone to about 3 days with one of our tickets taking 5 days to garner a response and still, the response I received hasnt fixed the issue. What on earth is happening? Something has changed within Linnworks to result in this extremely poor service and it needs to be sorted.

Linnworks customer of over 5 years and this is unacceptable.

Linnworks response times for support seems to be deteriorating. My last few tickets have not been answered in what I could consider a timely manor. I find it most frustrating.


Multiple people not having tickets answered in a timely manner!

I have 2 open currently and both are costing me time and money with days in between responses.

Why has the support situation suddenly gone south?

Try calling them. I did this today and they picked up my open ticket straight away (mind you, I've still not heard back from them with a fix for my problem).

But I agree with you - The support is going south!


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