My Inventory stock is shaded

hi my inventory stock is sometimes shaded , sometimes not how do I change it so its always adjustable , i have fll permissions on in settings 


We're getting occasional freezes of the inventory window, but haven't yet been able to identify what is causing it. Shutting down and restarting resolves it, but it is annoying.  Is this what you are seeing?


Dear Paul,

By shaded do you mean it is grayed out, not visible at all or missing some information? By default My Inventory screen shows "All locations", which kind of truncates some of the columns. Try switching from "All locations" to the one you desire (usually Default) via the drop-down menu on the same screen. Hope this helps.

Dear Bill,

I don't think it is related to Paul's issue above. Were you able to spot any patterns on how/when the issue occurs?

Hi Paul,

No, couldn't spot any pattern - and for now at least, it appears to have stopped happening.


Sorry - that should have been Hi Andrei!

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