Emailing Customer Invoices once they are in processed

I have posted this on uservoice but want to express my frustration that this feature isn't available yet(?)

We tried emailing every customer an invoice when we process the orders but got complaints from customers about us sending spam and to be honest I agree, not every customer needs an invoice and I get way too much spam as it is and I cant be alone.

Customers rarely request an invoice at the point of ordering it is nearly always afterwards. Linnworks makes this really difficult,I know how to pdf and email an invoice but this is clunky, involves unnecessary steps and takes time.

I cant be the only one feeling like this and while I am open to suggestions from anyone who has found a work around, I really think this is a feature that should be implemented yesterday, it cant be difficult given the email functionality and the templates already exist, come on linnworks



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Hi Rich

We are having exactly the same issue.

I tried several things nothing seems to be working.

Raj Sur 

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