Why does linnworks desktop constantly check for internet access ?

We've dumped landline broadband in favour of mobile broadband, but a problem we seem to have is that as soon as we disconnect the mobile broadband, then linnworks desktop freezes.

Is there any reason why linnworks desktop needs to have internet access, apart from the obvious synchronisation of course.

Hi there,

Linnworks connects to your database, which is stored on our servers, which makes it possible to access the same database from any PC and any location, where you enter your login credentials.

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks for the reply

I assumed the my linnworks database was kept locally on my machine and on your servers and at SYNC time they'd mirror each other.

If the database is only on your servers whats the purpose of linnworks local ?

We've had Linnworks Local and Linnworks Anywhere quite a long time ago, but the local version was removed as an official version of Linnworks onĀ January 31st, 2015.

It should be still working, but no new patches are being released for it since 2015.

Ah... I think I'm confusing linnworks local with linnworks anywhere.

Ok thanks for that.

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