best way to portray bulletpoint1 - bulletpoint5 equivelent for ebay platform

i would like to portray the data stored in my spreadsheet and mapped as an extended property for bulletpoint1 - bulletpoint5 extended properties for ebay as i do for amazon. on the ebay configurator i see a specifications dialogue. if i create extended properties for them here, how can i control the order in which they will appear on the ebay detail page, as well as, how do i determine in what section of the ebay detail page the information will be shown. alternatively, is this better performed using the description button (on the ebay configurator). i do notice a visual editor that allows me to insert these extended property fields. is this the preferred method and where on the ebay detail page will this information be shown?

secondly, is there a way to utilize my keywords extended properties for ebay just as i do for amazon?


Bulletpoint extended properties can be used for eBay as well, you just have to decide on the appropriate attributes to map them to.

'Specifications' will be shown in 'Item Specifics' section of description:

They appear in a completely random order. I've noticed, that 'Condition' is however, always the first one.

If you are looking to creating a billetpoint list, similar to how it is displayed on amazon, then I would advise listing those extended properties in the 'Description' - it is the custom text/HTML part of the listing, that will be displayed right under the 'Item Specifics' in desktop browser, and will show up by clicking 'ITEM DESCRIPTION' link in the mobile app:

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