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Hi Folks,

We ship several hundred orders per day and use RM's OBA system. We have never integrated linnworks with OBA and so we enter OBA details manually at the end of the day. It also means we dont currently print the new 2d barcodes. So, a few basic questions:

A - can we print 2d barcodes with linnworks WITHOUT integrating linnworks with OBA?

B -  if we have to integrate with OBA, is there a way we can completely amend the manifest before it is sent to OBA?

C - can we integrate with OBA but just NOT submit the manifest to OBA daily?

Our ideal world is that we get all our 2d labels, but still log into OBA at the end of the day to submit that days mailing. Why... well we take the total average of each format, then mathematically (not physically) split it into 2 or 3 bands to give us the optimal count for each band that produces the lowest total postage cost. 

Any help much appreciated.


The only way to get 2D barcoded labels, is to create OBA integration with linnworks.net

Unfortunately, you will have to submit manifests daily, as this is the way Royal Mail gets the printed orders data (labels do not appear in your OBA account instantly after printing).

Speaking of manifest layout, it can not be altered, but you can adjust the way a printed list of consignments looks, if needed. Once a label is printed, order details can not be modified, so you have to make sure all Linnworks inventory items have accurate weights assigned to them.

Thanks olga

Just to confirm, i dont want Linnworks to submit manifests to RM, i still want to do that myself manually. i.e. i only want the facility to print RM 2d labels via linnworks, then do the rest manually. 

If we must submit the manifest, when i say amend it i mean the details such as quantities and weights etc, not the design layout. Is this possible.

Thanks again. N


Unfortunately, there's no option to avoid manifests, so it is mandatory to submit manifests every 24hours (except weekend and bank holidays).

Manifests can not be amended as there's no such option in Linnworks and manifests are marked as 'Complete' on your Royal Mail OBA account right away.

Hi Nicholas
Just wondering if you found a solution - I do the same with the large letters to keep the bulk of them below the 100g limit in one band and then the balance in a higher band.
We are currently looking at switching to OBA but without a similar solution it looks like it will cost us about £8000 extra on our LL postage bill per year.
I have been building up a database of what our daily cut off is in the hope that we can set up different LL bands - say everything below 185g in one band and above in another.
Were you able to do anything like this?


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