Helpdesk intergration (Zendesk, Helpscout, Freshdesk, Groove etc..)

Does anybody know of any help desks which integrate with Linnworks? Specifically we would like to be able to see our Linnworks orders from within the help desk with tracking informaiton for the parcel, order items etc. I feel that it would save a huge amount of time for our agents and would also mean we do not need to provide them all with a linnworks login!

What are peoples currently workflows and solutions to this issue?


Thanks, I have given this a go. Its not the nicest of products to use unfortunately. The concept is good but not so the execution. Thanks for the heads up though.

A Zendesk integration would be a great feature. It is something other have now added and nowadays it would be a very good feature. Xsellco is not up to the same level as Zendesk unfortunately. 

In regards to Zendesk integration, we have already declined this feature request in the past, you can see the comment here:

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