Royal Mail Barcode on 1st & 2nd class mail (not tracked mail)

I've asked this question before but not getting the answers i'm looking for or any real understanding of the question!

So to break it down - RM added the barcode system months ago (the square squigly code) - it prints out on all our labels no problems there.  Now I know this is not full tracking and is for 'proof of delivery' only on items that are just sent via 24 and 48 letter/large letter/parcel etc.  HOWEVER unless the barcode number is recorded in the tracking box it is still useless as we cannot access the proof of delivery information or provide it to the channel/customer.

So when is it going to become a useable 'tracking' option with the numbers recorded on LW and sent to Ebay/Amazon?  We were told early 2016, then Spring, then Summer......

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 Just spoken to our postie and they've been told to only scan parcels so looks like typical Royal Mail, right hand doesn't know what the left hands doing.

Our postie scans everything with a barcode so it looks like different delivery depots have different rules. 

Does anyone know if the tracking has been implement nationwide? My posts are mostly 2nd class packets. I tried to track a few packages using the code displayed above the 2d barcode but it returns the result "Sorry-we don't recognise this number" Is there anything I need to do before it can track? Thank you.


It is that number however make sure you take out all the hyphens and spaces. It's easier to get the number from linnworks (tracking box when you view record) as it is in the format that RM will accept.



can someone please give me the tracking website as the normal track and trace just says

Status: The service used to send this item does not provide tracking information


Hi Nigel,
What service did you use to send the item? Currently Royal Mail are only providing tracking information for parcels, not letter or large letter services.


I've just spoken with Royal Mail and have been told the following:

- Only those people in the trial will currently be able to see tracking on items. If you see the message " The service used to send this item does not provide tracking information" you are not in the trial.

- being in this trial relies on you being "barcode ready", but is not the same thing as being barcode ready - i.e. once barcode ready, you still need to be added to the trial

- There is no date for when more people will be added to the trial, or when it will be fully rolled out

- while Royal Mail (I understand) have access to more data on their internal systems, they are not supposed / allowed to give it out. Only the tracking on Royal Mail site can be used.

- It is currently only applying to parcels (although its up to the delivery officer when they scan them, so some large letters might get scanned too)

- it will provide delivery confirmation only - no tracking information

- they intend to roll it out to large letters at some point but no date

So, if you're not getting tracking information its almost certainly because you are not currently included in the trial / roll out. 

Hope that helps - certainly clarified things for me (albeit a bit annoying I don't know when I'll be able to track our stuff)

No conformation of delivery on the bar-coded labels as of yet , haven't tried signed for but looks like you have to be in the trial programme !.


By RM's own advertising the testing is finished and this is now live.  You will get contradictory answers depending on who you speak to at RM as they are the second most dis-organised organisation on the planet, (HMRC are the worst).

If you have not delivery confirmation it is for one of the following reasons:

A) Its not delivered

B) Its not a 24 or 48 parcel

C) The postman's scanner is broken

D) The postman can't be bothered

We were not 'invited' to take part in any trials and didn't sign up for anything and yet our parcels track.  It wouldn't work that way anyway as it is the end location and not the starting location that matters.  So as long as the 2d barcode is on your label correctly they will scan.

Don't forget this is not 'tracking' as you know it, you won't get a satisfactory response from the tracking page unless it is delivered.  The point is that you can catch out those that claim non delivery, and if it really hasn't been delivered after a couple of weeks you can claim it back from RM.

(And by the way, when 'tracking' don't worry about the hyphens and spaces, you can put them in the box and it will automatically remove them for you)

I've spoken to two separate people at RM who give me broadly the same information. I also have my experience that it doesn't work with the parcels we send.

While you are surely correct that its the scan on delivery which provides the information to confirm delivery, you are not correct in asserting that this is the same as making it accessible via the tracking site. I infer from what I've been told that they are rolling out who can access it (as after all the barcode encodes who sent it too) to limit the number of issues that RM have to deal with. Letting everyone use it at once when the postman might not be scanning things probably would be a disaster for them. They need to ensure the whole system is working, including those that don't track, before releasing it to everyone.

I don't know what service you use, but the untracked services we use do not allow us to claim anything from RM. If you use services which do allow you to claim, then that might be why you would be one of the first made live. As this will eventually apply to everyone there would be no need for you to be invited, and the fact you are barcoding in the first place functions as you "signing up".

In short, I wouldn't want people thinking they are doing something wrong in their packages not tracking. From my information, you are doing nothing wrong - your parcels 'tracking' information is simply not being passed into the Royal Mail online tracking system yet.

Anyone else, feel free to contact Royal Mail and confirm (or otherwise) this for yourself.

I'll add another to Jacqui's list which is from their official email they sent me regarding delivery confirmation being switched on for our account.

E) Delivery confirmation will not be available for Large Letter format items sent Royal Mail 24 or Royal Mail 48.


The email sent to me implies it has to be turned on for your account however makes no metion of the service being a Trial and is signed by Nick Landon, Managing Director, Royal Mail Parcels so I would assume he should know.



You can claim from RM : (Your manifest is proof of posting, your suppliers stock invoice is your evidence of value)

For stamped, metered and by account* items a postage refund plus compensation on the basis of actual loss, where evidence of posting and evidence of value can be provided. This compensation is subject to the maximum payable being the lower of the market value of the item and the maximum of £20.00.


As I understand it Compensation is only payable on Statutory Postal Services only i.e. 1st & 2nd Class service, RM24 and RM48 are business services and not subject to compensation.



You missed the bit referenced by the asterisk

"*Refers to VAT exempt 1st and 2nd Class payable on account"

These are, from memory, codes like BPL.

Royal Mail 24/48 - are not VAT exempt, and so excluded from compensation.

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