Woocommerce Channel Setup Error


after reading step by step the tutorials on how to integrate a new channel within the woocommerce API and linnworks,

trying it over and over again, read and look on the internet for answers, everytime i get the same error "Error: Aucune donnée product spécifiée pour modifier product"

i cannot go to step 2 of channel integration woocommerce API, so that's why i ask some help because there is no related errors on the forums and the web which could help me.

error.png error.png
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Apologies for delayed response!

As i can see, your website is under construction. The error message might indicate, that Linnworks can not reach WooCommerce plugin because of the construction mode.

If turning construction mode off doesn't help, could you please create a new user for Linnworks support (you can use olga.silina@linnsystems.com email)? We can then try integrating WooCommerce from our end.

I tried to integrate linnworks without maintenance mode also, still the same error message !
I will send you a message to you email with login details to my website.
Please not that the maintenance mode is enabled to deactivate it please send me an email so i can disable it.
Thanks for your help !


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