Accept/Decline price offer with eBay channel

I have items that I'd like to sell on several eBay channels (UK/DE/IT/FR) and I know that I can setup the FIXED price:

  1. Click item in Inventory
  2. Go to Listing Descriptions
  3. Add 'Product pricing by channel'.
  4. Details: Source: EBAY, SubSource: EBAY1_IT (for Italian eBay), Price: some price.
This works for fixed price settings. I would have thought that by adding the 'Tag' as Accept and Decline, that it would specify the offer settings.

Such that each locale (ie. UK, IT...) would have 3 pricing settings:


   Source  Subsource   Price    Tag
1) EBAY    EBAY1_IT    19.99
2) EBAY    EBAY1_IT    17.50    ACCEPT
3) EBAY    EBAY1_IT    9.99     DECLINE


Such that 1) is fixed price (ie. you can buy it for 19.99 eur), 2) is 'auto accept' offer limit (ie. higher/equal to that gets auto accepted), 3) is 'auto decline' offer limit (equal/lower gets declined).

However, when I then go to create a listing using configurator, the Accept and Decline prices there are 0 (for both accept and decline).

Hence, is this the expected behaviour and the offer limits (auto accept/decline) still propagate and are tied to the listing, or do I do something wrong?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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