Linnworks unstable

been with linnworks 6 years this last 10 days we've seen all these errors.

EKM powershop orders not downloading, 

EKM Powershop synchronising not working and crashing linnworks

System running slow - general duties taking minutes instead of secs 

processing orders  - unhandled error message each time trying to process amazon orders

filing OBA manifest started Failing - error message

Server issues 

seriously guys what is going on???

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For some considerable time we have been having a similar issue, but with Magento rather than EKM powershop. Several support tickets have been raised, but no solution from Linnworks.


the ekm powershop issue was resolved to a degree,  linnworks advised me to set up automated sync due to the issues with synchronising which occurred directly after linnworks updated the way ekm orders are imported in the system however that just downloaded loads of old orders that was marked as pending on ekm channel,

 we were told to delete the order from within linnworks however they kept being imported into linnworks every time it autosync, linnworks fixed the ekm sync issue so we reverted back to manual sync however once it gets to the ekm part of synchronising the system freezes and we can't use linnworks until it's finished synchronising, not ideal to be honest but just had to make do because at least it does work instead of crashing the whole program as it was before, 

My real issue is the speed, inconsistent slow downs when trying to do anything, still occuring as we speak, you press one button and have to wait 10 secs, then you press the next button and have to wait 10 secs for the action, just processing orders is taking twice as long as it should due to the speed it's running at, very frustrating and annoying, 

I had a look at and it's a horrible interface on the pc,  half of the functions are missing from desktop version on the process order screen and the page goes blank occasionally, 

all in all things aren't great with it at the moment, going back a couple of months ago it was all okay.

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