Does anyonw pick using their invoice? How do you get all the invoices t in a usable order?


I really want to see how everyone else is managing this.

We pick from the invoice, so it makes sense to group these invoices by the bin location of the first product on the invoice (as most of our orders are one or two products). I have sorted the invoice document by bin in Order Processing. But you can't change the order that the invoices print out in.

How does everyone else manage this?



hi matt we used to pick that way, all you have to do is set your open orders screen to sort by bin location also, this will then print in bin order when you process/print your invoices. hope this helps :)

Hi Vince, Thanks for the reply. Do you mean the setting in Configuration / Item sorting (see image) or is there another way?



hi matt no problem, in desktop we never found the configuration bin sorting to be effective, but if you are using on your open orders tab, you can click the little down arrow to the right & click "edit view" once in here a pop up box will open (on the right screenshot) once in here you can sort your items in bin rack "ascending" or "descending" like i have on the right. this was the best way for us and worked a treat :)


Hi Vince, Thanks for the info. You are a life saver!

Works a treat.



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