Why is the support in Linnowrks so bad?

The system is not working, orders are not downloading... and there is nowhere to turn to fix it. Support tickets are not answered !

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Hi Rick,

My name is Charlie from Fitted Commerce, we are a Linnworks implementation and training partner. Typically support are really good but I can see no one has got back to this post and it sounds like you are needing some urgent help.

I would highly recommend emailing management@linnsystems.com .

This goes to Josh, the customer experience manager at Linnworks, if you can give him the ticket ID , the issue and a telephone number I am sure he will reach out to you as soon as possible.

I hope that helps,

All the best,

Charlie McBroom


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Hello Rick,

Have you been able to get the support you needed? Did you have a livechat a phonecall or a ticket with us? If yes, can you post the ticket number here? If there is anything you need, let me know, but please be specific in your description of the issue, as this will help me and the team to resolve whatever it is you are facing as soon as possible!

All the best,

Klaas Schippers

Linnworks customer service

Just chipping in and have to agree that ticket support has been terrible this year and when a response does finally occur its generic and non-informative.

I have even emailed management and no reply or call or acknowledgement 5 days later...


e-mails sent to Josh don't get any response - believe me I have tried! The only way to get him to respond is to put the issues into the forum, he will then take notice & reply to you (but will still ignore any follow-up e-mail you send to directly to him) - leastways this has been our experience.
Support is awful, I have a number of tickets open at the moment, one regarding Linnworks not controlling ebay stock has been open for 4 days without answer. I consider this to be a major issue & 4 days (& counting) without reply to be excessive.
Maybe adding my frustrations with Linnworks "support" to this post might generate a response from them.......


I will also chip in , as the support is terrible , many times we raise a problem which we simply just require help as clearly affecting business and the first response is "Its your fault we are innocent of any error" which is a little insulting and as shown many times quite wrong !! 

Please just answer with a solution when a query is raised as we also have tickets that simply go unanswered , current one 3 days no response for what we consider a major problem and with many companies now offering order management solutions Linnworks really needs to up its game and help their customers before they jump ship .....

I would second this. I find support is pretty poor. When you get a reply its fairly generic. When i have needed an immediate reply i have tried to call up and sometimes no one answers. I have had to call the sales number as someone is always manning that line! If the subscription costs are increasing then investment needs to be made in support and more detailed documentation. 

Hello Adam Bowen,

Thank you for raising your concerns about support. I would like to take a closer look at the issues you have encountered and how you experienced support in order to improve our service. The last ticket from you in our system was closed by you with a positive rating and similar feedback about quick service and to-the-point answers, this was a month ago. Have you received any more recent (ticket)support that was not to your satisfaction? If you have, please send an e-mail to support@linnworks.com stating the ticket number and the complaint and we will use this in our evaluation. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.   

Klaas - Please read up on Ticket Number:  #1103986

This issue has been affecting our business since 15 August 2016

This would be an excellent educational tool on how not to deal with issues.


SO it seems that there are more and more unhappy customers wanting Linnworks support.... I too am waiting for support on tickets that are crucial to the workings but because there are so many bugs it seems that they are fending off so many of the buggy tickets instead of being able to deal with the core improvement tickts.... so the end result is not only have I been seeing loads more bugs but support is sloooooooooow

@Dean; Your issue was a very complicated one which required amendments to the source code. Which is what our developers have done, a change like that does take a lot of time, this is because we want to launch a solution that works and is properly tested. Thank you for your patience. Just to confirm, am I correct in saying that your issue has been resolved? 



Could you please post the ticket ID for us to look at? You have several tickets open and some are in Scripting which usually requires more time to process due to complexity. 

I can totally agree with all above we have a ticket 1108692 dating back to the 22/9/16 that has next to no responses yet causing us major trouble with eBay. !!

By default ALL issues are complicated mainly because there are so many hoops to jump through with LW to get results


I resubmitted the ticket and now have answers.... Thank you


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