Custom script - Total orders from previous 30 days

I will need schedule export for total orders numbers for a last 30 days. 

I'll need to have date, totals source and subsource columns

something like:

Date|Source|Sub source|Total orders

Could anyone help or advice how to do it

Hi Damian,

You may not need a script as the data can be exported from Linnworks that will show all your orders between a certain date range and which sources they are from.

All you have to do is total them up in excel. This information can be found in Dashboards>Query Data 

There are several exports that would give you the information you need, but orders between dates would be a good one.

If you just want to see processed orders, then on the processed order screen there is also an export too.

I hope that helps, let me know if you would rather go down the scripting route :)

All the best,

Charlie McBroom


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Hi Charlie,

Thanks for reply, But what I need is automatic every day report for total sales from all channels. doing this way I need to generate file every day by my self. 

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