EKM Powershop completely messed up since update

Since doing your updates this morning ekm powershop has been totally messed up,

A) normal manual sync no longer works

B) Orders that have been placed on ekm with order status pending and payment complete (green light status on ekm_ were picked up by linnworks - Now  they are no longer picked up as paid.

I was advised by customer service that i could get around issue A) by enabling auto sync which i did, however auto sync has brought in loads of old orders which I can't delete, trying to delete them on linnworks causes the system to crash. I can't bulk delete them or delete them individually.

Actually since applying these updates the system is crashing on various applications, But i have a load of ekm orders which are stuck and i can't get rid of because linnworks won't delete them it's ridiculous that your updates have rendered the system unusable.

order number 326999 try deleting it because i can't 


the whole EKM sync issue is broken, when synchronising now it just sticks on 'ekm getting order status' I then have to unlock sync, however synchronising again does the same thing, linnworks have told me that i should setup auto sync with ekm however it now only picks up orders that I've had to physically mark as processed on the channel, prior to this ekm orders were downloaded no problem at all without me even looking at ekm, just seems one of the updates we had pending has broken the ekm order sync, I don't seem to be able to get a definitive answer on whether the problem is actually being worked on because it seems others have the same issue,

auto synchronising EKM brings in loads of older orders where the status is marked as processing but not paid, prior to this ekm sync would ignore these orders, not getting anywhere with this


I sincerely apologize for the delayed response.  

We've recently made some changes to the EKM order download job - a new functionality has been added to control which orders are downloaded into the system based on order status. Compared to the previous sync, the new process will no longer filter paid orders by date and will only request orders by status. For orders to be considered paid we use the following logic:

Order mapped status must be Paid

Order must have a transaction ID

Order must have a transaction status under the following options:

Starts With: "APPROVED : "

Starts With: "AUTHORIZED : "

Equals: "Capture Completed"

Equals: "Completed"

Starts With: "COMPLETED : "

Starts With: "OK : SUCCESS:"


Starts With: "SUCCESS : "

Ends With: "The payment was captured."

Please be aware that if you have an old order which is still in a paid status on the channel (status mapped to Linnworks' "paid" status) then it will be downloaded - to prevent this, the order must be moved out of this status or status mapping adjusted to exclude such orders.

Please also note that orders are not downloaded as all order statuses are currently set to "unmapped". Please go to Settings > Chanel Integration > Edit channel details > Configure order status mapping.

We have planned to send a notification prior to release however it was not sent due to an issue with our internal processes. This is something that we are looking to improve on in the future.

Kind regards,

Oleg Televinov

Technical Support

Linn Systems Ltd.

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