Log in time with changes

I wanted to ask if anybody else is finding themselves logging in all day on Linnworks with the new changes? With the use of secure passwords and myself working from 3 machines throughout the day I now feel my time is wasted. I genuinely believe we lose around 10 minutes per user per day just logging in on the different machines that we have to use. These are not additional users so we will not upgrade the subscription. We signed up for a maximum of 5 users and that's what we have. We have not changed the way we operate and we genuinely only have the 5 users, however, this new change is seriously impacting the efficiency of our warehouse which is what the software is designed to reduce.


It would be nice to see if they would start accepting some sort of keyfob or card reader system, maybe an RFID system? theres got to be something like that. Pubs and clubs use them all the time.

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