LW.net & Purchase Order import/export


Currently looking at some functionality via a third party script/SAAS and part of the development would benefit from being able to export or import purchase order information so we only have to handle data entry once.

The functionality is available in the desktop client but not showing in the LW.net system so wanted to ask if this was something that will be added in the future or if the functionality has been dropped?

If it's the latter is there an alternative route say through data import/export where the same result can be achieved?

Note: The requirement here is not only for the stock update information but also the cost of shipping, etc... as we're using the purchase orders to generate real cost information rather than on a product cost (supplier price) only basis.

Thanks in advance... 


Hi Martin,

I believe that's planned to be introduced in the future. With Purchase Orders, for the initial implementation in Linnworks.Net we introduced the basic functionality as a starting point. We'll be building on that in a second pass in the future to introduce more functionality and options.

Kind regards,


Ok, thanks for the information... 

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