No response to tickets

I have 1 ticket that has been open for 9 days and although responses were fairly fast at the beginning I have had several working days with no response.

I have opened a ticket today with no response

I opened another ticket asking why there was no response to the other ticket and I got a reply saying it had been forwarded to the right person. But no response since that.

Please can you sort this out



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We apologize for delayed response! I've now picked up your original ticket, so will now be dealing with it instead of Chris.

I really don't understand why the push for telephone support.  It's inefficient - and especially with any issue of a technical nature: I'm often stuck typing myself notes while on such a call.  It's also so much more costly for Linnworks - and that additional cost would be passed on to us the customers.

Why not just make an concerted effort to respond more promptly to tickets?  At minimum I'd like to see consistent and helpful responses to all tickets PRIOR to any initiative involving telephone support.

I think we all run businesses here - and we all have customers and we all have customer service.  If one of my customers needed to post something in a public forum because he was not getting a response via email or trouble ticket over an extended period of time: someone at my company would lose their job.  

While I'm not suggesting anyone lose their job in this case - if it were me and I read in the forums that customer "Rich" had gone 9 days with an open and unresponded ticket - I'd sit my entire team down and explain that if such a thing were to ever happen again that there would be dismissals.  End of story.

Hi, You should really do something regarding your response time. My ticket has not been replied to for the last 5 days and the issue is really important.

Apologies for the delayed responses. 

Usually delays in replies occur when we experience a higher than normal volumes of requests which was the case last Friday due to the big change to Linnworks Desktop user management.

We'll post the replies as soon as possible.

I have one open ticket again that is not replied to for more than 24 hours. And this ticket is not about "how to", but it is possible bug report that may be affecting many Linnworks customers. I have noticed that the ticket has been reassigned to different person 3 times during that 24 hour period, but still no response.

Hello Valdas,

I have reviewed the latest ticket that you were referring to and at the moment, it has been escalated to a senior specialist for further investigation. I will provide you with an update in the ticket as soon as we find the cause of the reported issue.

Apologies for any inconvenience the delay may cause.

The response time to tickets is not great, but to make it worse, when i do get a response it is vague and the suggestion/workaround is wrong. Currently there is a known issue with Amazon listings not downloading and i am now getting ignored with no fix in sight!!

Very frustrating as the product is great...when it works!

Dear Gemma,

As we've mentioned in the support ticket:

This is an issue on Amazon's end and their support is actively looking into it. We have raised a ticket with them as well regarding this issue and you are not the only one affected by it.

Sorry for any inconvenience this is causing you.

Is there a reason for this ongoing lack of ticket support?

Is it teething problems with a change of support? Is Linnworks working on improving things?

No one has come and said that they apologise for the drop in standards but we are working on improving support response times.

I fear this is quickly becoming the new norm?



We have now responded to the ticket.  We've tried to replicate the issue but everything went well from our side therefore in our to troubleshoot this further we need to have a remote session with you. Please respond in the ticket ASAP.

 same thing happening with me, one of my tickets are not being answered, i waited four days and then closed it and opened the same one again, but they won't answer

Sorry for any delayed replies you've encountered so far.

We are indeed working on improving the support in both quality and fast replies and hoping to optimize this process as soon as possible.

Once again, sorry for any inconvenience this is causing you.

Same thing here. I've been waiting four days now and other than an automated response saying I should hear back within 24 hours I haven't heard anything.

Hi Rowan,

As I can see you have tickets in Scripting category.

We have responded to one of your scripting request and will be providing responses in other tickets ASAP.

Scripting requests are usually quite complex and it might take longer time for the scripting specialist of investigate them and get back to you.

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