I am attempting to compare channel sales reports to some Linnworks reports and I am seeing some discrepancies.


Here are some basic general facts pointing to why the reports will be different:

- channel reports will include data based on the channel's specific logic. For orders it could be only shipped/all orders, including/excluding cancellations/refunds, based on received/processed date, including/excluding tax, including/excluding shipping, including/excluding channel fees, and so on. Linnworks does not make any attempt at replicating any of the channel reports - simply because there are quite a few different types of such reports, and because the user can get those reports from the channel directly.

- Linnworks has several different options for reporting, and all of those options work with data that is present in Linnworks. This means that any deleted orders will not be present in the reports, any orders which were manually updated or edited will contain the latest information available in Linnworks, and each report in Linnworks operates based on certain preset logic - see above for an example of the different combinations. For example, most reports in Query Data will have a description of the logic in our documentation, like this one:!documentation/query-data-order-details 

We can vouch that the data in Linnworks reports will correctly reflect the information in the Linnworks database, but since we do not know what exact criteria the channel reports are following, there is not much we can do to compare these reports.


We do not recommend trying to compare any reports like that, unless there is access to raw data behind these reports from the channel. If you can get the raw data for the channel report, where you can see all dates, values, and variables, then you can run a quick comparison to determine where the discrepancy is coming from - because this way you compare this data to the raw data in Linnworks. Aside from that, there is no point in comparing unrelated reports, there are always going to be different criteria and Linnworks is not trying to copy any specific channel reports. All reports in Linnworks are only based on data present in your Linnworks database.

What we can help you with is understanding what sort of data you are looking at in a specific Linnworks report, what criteria it follows, and what information is included. If you require any help with that, please let us know which report you're looking at in Linnworks and we'll do our best to explain what sort of data it includes.