I am using a Zebra printer and am seeing labels printing with lower quality after switching to Virtual Printer 2


Zebra label printers require the received files to be presented in ZPL/EPL formats. However, not all couriers provide label templates in these formats. In the Virtual Printer 1 application, the labels not provided in ZPL/EPL formats were sent in RAW format. Virtual Printer 2 application will be using PDF formats instead.

The default Zebra drivers may not be compatible with the PDF format, resulting in varying print quality. To ensure the best quality print for your shipping labels, the solution is to install Zebra printer drivers by the company Seagull.

To install and configure the driver for a USB 4" x 6" Zebra thermal label printer:

  1. Disconnect your thermal printer.
  2. Install Seagull Scientific driver for Zebra thermal printer from this link.
  3. Reconnect the printer. Your computer will automatically match the printer to the downloaded driver.
  4. Go to your computer's Printers & scanners folder > Click your thermal printer > Manage > Printing Preferences.
  5. In the Page Setup tab, set Stock Name to 4.00" x 6.00" or desired size.
  6. In the Graphics tab, set Dithering to None.
  7. In the Options tab, open Set Absolute in the Darkness settings and slide the darkness to 13.
  8. Click Apply and OK.
  9. Repeat the same for Printers & scanners folder > Click your thermal printer > Manage > Printer Properties > Advanced > Printing Defaults.

If there are any issues configuring Printing Defaults, please follow this guide:

Important! If you select USB option when installing Seagull driver and your printer cannot be found, please follow steps below.

  • Select Network option instead
  • Manually select the printer model on the next page
  • When you get to the 'Specify port' window, please scroll down and locate the USB port that connects your Zebra printer and select that.

There is a video attached below showing the Seagull driver installation steps.