I want to export all my current listing prices/titles/descriptions for a specific channel.



If you need the file to be exported to a DropBox account/FTP/SFTP server, you can use an Inventory export.
NB! The produced file will include all of your stock items even if they do not have the needed listing details added. Any filtering will need to be done in the produced file directly.

  1. Tick any default columns in the Inventory export that you require to be present in the file in the main mapping screen. A list of all default columns and their descriptions is available here

  2. Click Additional Columns and select Channel Pricing/Channel Title/Channel Description according to your need.

  3. In the new window:
    • Name the column.
    • Select the Source you want to export the data for.
    • Select the SubSource you want to export the data for.
    • In the case of Channel Pricing, select the Tag, if applicable for your needed data. If not, select NONE.

  4. Repeat the above process if you want to export data for several sources, subsources, different tags, etc.

My Inventory Export

To download a file locally displaying the needed prices, you can use the My Inventory Export.

NB! My Inventory Export is only available for prices and titles. Channel descriptions cannot be exported with this method.

  1. Click on the Export button in the My inventory screen.
  2. Select the Export type: Listing Descriptions.
  3. In the Available section, tick Prices/Titles and any Sources and Subsources you need to be included in the file.
  4. Click Export.

Query Data reports

To display the results on-screen and/or download a file with all values in the Listings Descriptions tab on an item (Prices, Tiles and Descriptions), you can use the following Query Data reports:

  • Channel Information by Source: displays all per channel prices, titles, and descriptions for all inventory items. Full details on reported values here.
  • Channel Information by Source and SubSource: displays all per channel prices, titles, and descriptions for a specific Source or a specific Source and SubSource. Full details on reported values here.