Deleting inventory items in Linnworks can be done using a specific Data Import type called Delete. First, prepare a CSV file with a single column for the Linnworks Item Number (SKU), no other information is required.

  • Navigate to Settings > Import Data
  • Click the Import Now button 
  • For the Import Type, select Delete and for the Sub Type, select Delete Stock Item
  • Click Next
  • Click the Choose Template button and select the prepared CSV file
  • Map the column to SKU, if it didn't automatically map, and click Run Now 

Please Note! This will also break any links to listings mapped to this inventory item. Deleted inventory items cannot be restored, they will need to be re-created including all associated extended properties, listing mapping, listing templates, images, supplier details and channel specific titles, descriptions and prices.

If the item being deleted is a composite child, then it will be automatically removed from the composite parent item and stock levels for the parent item will be recalculated, based on the availability of the child items still linked to the parent. If the composite parent no longer has any children, the level will become zero and any linked listings will end.

Additional documentation

For more documentation on working with Data Import please refer to this documentation article.

Note! If any items remain in the system after an attempt to delete them via this type of import, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our support team and provide them with example SKUs.