Note: Pickwave features may be needed on Linnworks plan to access Pickwave functionality and Tray Picking requires Directional Pickwaves to be enabled.

Tray picking was designed as an additional setting for Directional Pickwaves to give you more control over items picking. In the warehouse, your staff normally uses trolleys with TOTEs. Each TOTE can also contain a few trays in it. Using tray picking, you can now log which specific TOTE and tray have been used to place an item into. This also helps to despatch orders faster as you can quickly find trays with items you need.

Full details and instructions on Tray Picking are available in this documentation.

To configure Tray Picking, you can follow the steps given here, under Prerequisites or in the following video: 

Once all the necessary settings are enabled and configured you can start using Tray Picking in Mobile:

  1. Go to the Pickwaves screen and select the Pickwave you will be working with.
  2. Scan the TOTE you will be putting trays with items into.
  3. Scan the SKU. 
  4. In the pop-up, scan the next available tray to place an item into.