In Linnworks you can design custom invoices to go along with your orders. Printing Conditions on templates allow you to have different templates for different purposes, channels, etc.

To create/edit any templates, go to Settings > Template Designer:

  • Add New predefined option will generate the template type of your choosing with some basic normally added details already existing on it, which you can then customize to your needs.

  • Add new template will generate a blank template type of your choosing which you can then build up from scratch.

  • In the Invoices section, you can see all existing templates and click on Edit to make any needed changes to it or add Printing Conditions.

- Details on using Template Designer

- Details on Invoice Templates

- Details on Printing Conditions

NB! All the available variables/information that can be added to the templates are given in the respective dropdowns. If the variable you are looking for is not given in an element dropdown, then it cannot be added to the template by default.