Note: Pickwaves are only supported in the new Open Orders screen.

While picking using Linnworks Mobile digital pickwave, the picker can allocate picked items into a trolly, cart, totes, and trays.
A use case would be: you have a set number of trollies in a warehouse used for picking items from the picking area and taking it to order packing, each trolly has a unique number. Before picking an item the picker would scan the trolley or a tote on a trolley. This would signify that the picker is putting items into that tote. At the dispatch station, it's much easier to process orders as we can scan the tote/trolley id and see all the orders that can be processed with the items in the tote.

In Linnworks we have a unification of picking container concept and essentially call everything TOTE. In our little world, a TOTE can be anything where one or more picked items can be placed during the picking process. A TOTE can be a trolley or a box on the trolley, shelf on a roll cage, roll cage itself, etc. 

Each TOTE has to be registered in the location. 

  • In
  • go to Inventory > Locations
  • Edit a location
  • Add TOTEs (you can drag and drop a CSV file to import them in bulk) 
  • Ideally, you would print out barcodes for every TOTE and stick them onto the containers

In Linnworks Mobile > Pickwave

  • Scan TOTE barcode, 
  • The tote name will appear at the top of the screen - this is where the picker is assumed to be putting the items.

In Linnworks Mobile > Dispatch Console

  • You can scan the TOTE id and bring up all orders that contain items currently on the TOTE
  • You will be able to see TOTE for each item of the order if one has been logged during the picking process.