Note: WMS feature. See Stock Count - basics for non-WMS location

The cyclic stock count allows us to perform periodic stock counting without interrupting the flow of inventory through the warehouse, in other words we can continue processing orders, allocating stock, replenishing etc and at the same time rest assured that there will not be discrepancies as a result of stuff moving around while we are counting. That is of course only really works if you do digital picking, have WMS in place, and generally stick to process of logging stock moves properly. 

To perform a cyclic stock count in Linnworks Mobile: 

  • Go to Stock Count
  • Two tabs will be visible:
    • Count  - everything to count in the current search/scan criteria
    • Counted - everything you have counted in the current session. Think of it as a localized audit trail (memory)
  • Scan a binrack, the search will display everything, all SKUs and all batches in that binrack. You can pick up an item in that location and scan its barcode, it will display the quantity entry screen where you can enter, tally or scan quantity you have counted in that binrack. 
  • You can alternatively scan a SKU, barcode or a product identifier and will be presented with all binracks where that item can be found. 
  • Once counted, the count will be added to Counted. 
  • Only once you pressed SUBMIT ALL COUNT the stock levels will be adjusted. And the audit will be added to Stock Count ledger. 

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