Note: WMS feature. In non-WMS location, there is no workarounds or substitutes for this functionality. 

While the stock in a particular location is allocated to order and the order itself is added to a pickwave, it is effectively blocked and should not be counted, as we don't know whether it has been taken off the shelf yet. Nevertheless we can resolve this conflict by accounting for the stock that has been logged as has been picked off the shelf and not yet dispatched. This of course relies on the user to actually log the pick digitally. Linnworks resolves this conflict by:

  • By not allowing to count if the stock is allocated to a pickwave and not yet picked (although this setting can be overwritten, normally by Linnworks Account manager if you have one or Tech Support who will deliver an earful lecture about stock discrepancies along the way) 
  • Allowing you to count stock if the stock is allocated to a pickwave and has been picked, in this case the quantity reported in the Stock Count screen will discount picked quantity and virtually add those numbers to stock when the count is submitted. For example, 
    • if you have 10 in stock and 1 in pickwave that you have actually picked. 
    • the stock count screen will report 9 (+1)
    • if you key in 9, as that is exactly what you see on the shelf, when you submit the stock level, the system will actually record 10. 
    • there is a whole load of magic goes on behind the closed doors to ensure the newly allocated or dispatched orders not conflicting with the count - but that is way too boring for a Monday morning read. 

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