Cyclic Stock Count normally takes place in a specific location of a warehouse - a specific binrack. Or across the whole warehouse when you need to hunt down a particular SKU in all locations. While you counting stock the count is essentially stored locally on your device until you click SUBMIT ALL COUNT button. This allows you to confirm the count before you actually submit it and gives you a chance to recount some stock with large discrepancies. We can override this behavior with submit count immediately setting, so that when you enter a quantity for an item in a particular binrack the count will be submitted instantly. 

  • On Linnworks Mobile go to Settings
  • Stock Count section 
  • Tick Submit Count Immediately
  • Open Stock Count screen again,
  • stock count will now be submitted straight away (so Counted tab is essentially irrelevant now) 

Note: In the video below we demonstrating Stock Count with WMS enabled. 

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