Note: Written for WMS enabled location. In theory works without WMS, obviously without defined binracks, batched stock cannot be added to a binrack through the count (use Stock In instead in this case) 

Batched items in WMS settings are generally those that have expiry dates (perishable products), we can safely say that all other items in WMS are batched by priority sequence. SKU that is identified in the system as Ordered by Expiry dates, essentially has two batch identifiers, Batch Number and Expiry/Sell By Dates (oh yes and theoretically the binrack as well, but we don't really think about binrack as splitting up the batched themselves). 

When we counting stock for a batched product, we have ensured we counting the correct batch by confirming its expiry dates and maybe a batch number if applicable and counting the corresponding items in a particular location. 

We might encounter a new batch that has no records in the inventory control, and we will need to add this stock in. We can do this from stock count screen by creating a new batch in the binrack:

  • Scan or enter the binrack
  • it will list all SKUs and batches in that binrack
  • you can then scan or enter a SKU, barcode or product identifier
  • you will be shown SKU card which allows you to add new stock in 
  • Click it, a new batch prompt will appear
  • here you can select from an existing batch (that may exist in other locations) or create a new one

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