Note: Pickwave features may be needed on Linnworks plan to access Pickwave functionality.

Pickwave can group items automatically by a composite parent. In some cases it makes it much easier to pick a composite of a single child item with multiple quantities. 

For example, imagine we have a Green Lego Brick, we naturally track the inventory for the SKU in single quantities. However, we sell these Green bricks in quantity of 25, 50, and 100. So we would create a composite parent Box Green Bricks x 25 and an order will be appearing in Linnworks for a Box of Green Bricks, and not x 25 of individual green bricks. On a pickwave we have a choice of seeing x 25 Green Bricks or a parent product - the actual Box of Green Bricks. 

Note: In the video below we demonstrating Generate pickwave and picking items with WMS enabled. 

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