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How to display values of only particular members of a dimension and display them in a more convenient way a report. Video at the bottom of the page:

In this specific example, we want to display stock level from only two locations and a sum of them both only. We also want to rename the columns. 

SKUStock at DefaultStock at BrightonStock at Default and Brighton

We have another location in our system that we effectively want to ignore in this report. While we can do the same thing by simply filtering the report by two locations and adding Inventory Location dimension onto Columns, remember that your data in the report will be limited to only filtered locations. Calculated measure MDX expression allows us to display stock level from Default and Brighton location while not filtering the entire report to these locations. 

1) Create a new Inventory History report.

2) Add SKUs to Rows.

3) Create a new calculated measure 

([Measures].[Last Stock Level],
[Inventory Locations].[Location].&[Default]

Where [Default] is the name of your location.

4) Create another calculated measure 

([Measures].[Last Stock Level], [Inventory Locations].[Location].&[Brighton Warehouse])

Where [Brighton Warehouse] is the name of your second location.

5) And another calculated measure to add two location stock levels together

[Stock In Default] + [Stock In Brighton]

[Stock In Default] is the name of your first calculated measure you have created in 3)

[Stock In Brighton] is the name of your second calculated measure you have created in 4)