Currently all direct shipping integrations in Linnworks have the necessary fields/properties required for Customs available for them. These fields are normally present under shipping integration properties in and are already being used for all outside of EU shipments. Properties can be checked via > Shipping > Integrations > Properties. 

If you already have item extended properties with Tariff Codes and Country of Manufacture added to your inventory items (some couriers will also require additional properties such as description, or material type), then for the time being you do not need to make any other changes in light of Brexit. 

In case of a No-deal Brexit we will release necessary changes for all shipping integrations from our end that will allow to submit the above details for all EU shipments as well. Please note that no such changes will be released until the 31st of January 2020, and will only be required in case of No-deal.

Alternatively if a deal gets accepted and depending on the conditions, we may also need to apply changes to existing integrations, but until at least the 31st of January 2020 the integrations will remain as they are. 

In case if changes will be applied to any shipping integration, we will notify all of our customers by email as well.

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