Royal Mail OBA integration supports the automatic printing of CN22 forms along with the shipping label, where the form is required (if the order total value is under £270). 

To automatically print CN22 form, please proceed to Shipping > Integrations > Royal Mail OBA > Services > Edit > Tick 'Print customs forms' and specify the number of copies you wish to print:

If the destination country will require the CN22 form at customs, the shipping label will print for the order followed by the filled form.

The form will print with populated values from the order and from order/item extended properties that are available under Shipping> Integrations > Royal Mail OBA > Properties

  • Item extended properties will need to be imported or added manually to the Inventory items, and the following article will explain how to do so.
  • Order extended properties can be added manually to the order, or assigned via Rules Engine.
  • Property type needs to be set to 'Attribute'
  • The name of the Property needs to match with the name specified in the Property mapping in the integration
  • Value of the Property will be the actual Tariff Code of the inventory item, which will be automatically trimmed to 6 characters for Royal Mail.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Is it printed to the thermal printer?

- CN22 is the same 6x4 size and it is produced as one file including RM label and CN22, so will be printed to the same printer that RM labels are getting printed from.

2. How many different lines of HS codes can it handle?

- 6 lines of item titles and 6 lines of HS codes.

3. What happens if there are more than there is space for?

-  An additional CN22 form will be produced, listing the remaining SKUs.

4. Can it be printed separately (i.e. if the postal label is printed outside of LW)?

- In case you only need CN22 form with no label, you can create an invoice template with a CN22 image. Order Items table can be positioned over the CN22 image.

Invoice template can be resized to 6x4 or any other format and printed from Open Orders if needed as a 'Specific Invoice'.

5. Does it already submit this data to RM?

- Yes, it does.

6. Can it include an electronic copy of a signature?

- Yes, signature can be added in Shipping > Integrations > Royal Mail OBA > Services > Edit > Signature

7. Can the date be printed automatically?

- Current date is printed at the bottom of the CN22.

8. 'Other' check box.

- Shipment Type option is configurable for every service is Shipping > Integrations > OBA Services > Edit

9. Item title printed on CN22.

- We've added 'CN22Description' property that can now be added to your inventory items. CN22 will pull the title from this property if it exists. If the property does not exist, regular item title will be used. It is limited to 30 characters.

10. Consolidate lines of items identical for customs purposes.

- Linnworks will combine items with identical titles and HScodes into one CN22 line.

11. Calculation of Value

- Each item displays price per unit, without discount. Value will be changed to display 'Line Cost' in the nearest future.

12. Does the integration support automatic printing of CN23 form if the order value is over £270?

- Yes, the CN23 form will automatically print instead of CN22 if the order value is over £270.