Copying URLs into the CSV file can be time-consuming and there is a workaround that we can suggest. To use the below workaround:

  • All images must be stored in the same folder on Dropbox.
  • All images should have the same name as the SKUs.

This way, all the URLs will have the same format and can be created automatically with a formula in a few steps:

1. Create a list of SKUs you plan to import images for, and a column for image URLs:

2. Place all the images in the same file on Dropbox and use CONCATENATE formula.

In the example below, images are stored in the folder "IMAGESand the formula is the following: 


The formula will populate the image URLs automatically as the path will always be the same - [dropbox]/folder/cell_value (SKU) and the file extension (e.g .jpg, .png) you have specified will be added to every URL.

3. Pull down the small black square to copy the formula over for the other rows. 

4. The end result should contain a URL for each row differing only based on the SKU visible in the SKU column.

5. Save the file, upload it to your Dropbox and create an Inventory Import using the Dropbox method.