Copying URLs into the CSV file can be time-consuming and there is a workaround that we would like to suggest. Mandatory requirements for this:

  • All images must be stored in the same folder on the Dropbox
  • All images should have the same name as SKUs

In this case, all the URLs will have the same format and can be created automatically with the formula in a few steps:

1. To start, create a list of SKUs for which you plan to import images and a column for image URLs:

ImageImport 1

2. Place all the images in the same file on the Dropbox and use CONCATENATE formula. In below example, images are stored in the folder 'images' and formula is following: =CONCATENATE("[dropbox]/images/";A2;".jpg")

ImageImport 2

3.  This formula will populate the image URLs automatically as the path will always be the same - [dropbox]/folder/, A2 is SKU and .jpg (or png) will be added automatically to every URL:ImageImport 3

4. Pull down small black square to make below rows using the same formula to create other URLs

ImageImport 4

After you create the file, you will need to upload it into your Dropbox. Then create an Inventory Import with Dropbox as Method.