I added price by channel to the items but it was not sent to the channel.


The 'price change' box has to be enabled before the new prices are uploaded, otherwise, the prices won't be sent. 


If you happened to add prices but they were not sent to the channel there is an option to trigger price update for your inventory on the channel. To do this, you need to add new Price by Channel for each inventory which can be done via import in bulk. First import - price which will be slightly different, for example, 1 cent less. Second import - correct price. For example, if the price is 7.29, import price of 7.28 and then again Import the correct price of 7.29.

1. Make sure that price change setting is ON in your Settings > Channel Integration > Edit Channel:

2. Prepare a file with 3 columns: SKU, Price by Channel, New Price. Column New Price can be done using this formula:

3. Import file and map only SKU and New Price columns:

4. Once the import is done, import same file again but select the correct price:

This will trigger the update for each SKU and so we can be confident that each item has correct price.